Welcome to my first post! I am so happy that you’ve stopped by and are checking out our projects.

If you haven’t read the about me go do that now. Here’s a little more background to bring you up to speed…

My husband is the owner builder of our team and the project manager. He does all the coordinating and spread sheeting… I pick out the fun stuff (and do endless research)… and all the stuff you see here. He really spearheads this whole project and without him none of this would be possible. So a HUGE round of applause and shout out to Harry! He’s not just a good looking face. 😉 (Did I mention he does this in addition to his day job?! Oh yeah. #superman)

About me. My extent of design background is… my parents remodel in the early 2000’s and hundreds of hours of HGTV watching. I used to work for a design firm (in the accounting department). But, I really feel I gained knowledge by just sitting at my super swanky tiger stripe wood desk under a sputnik chandelier. I’ve looked many times into formal design training but that really should have happened before kids when I lived in the OC. Although, one never knows what God has in store. If you asked me two years ago, I would have never NEVER guessed that we’d be living in the Midwest let alone building a home here.

Which brings us all to the main topic at hand. How did a young couple end up as developers? God. Family. My husband was being awesome and exploring our options. I mean how does a young couple on a single income buy a house in America? Well in the OC… they don’t (one of the main reasons we moved – cost of housing). But, when you have an extensive network of family doors are opened for you. After talking with his cousin, who had worked with another cousin, who had done some development himself. The ball got rolling and my husband is one of the 4 first cousins who got on the band wagon. There was some vacant land for sale in a prime neighborhood it was zoned for apartments but duplexes rent better in this area. So you can easily see how things moved along and quickly. I feel like it’s happened so fast I can’t remember all the details.

Currently, we are in the everying thing is framed up and we are making the design choices stage. Which, if you are like me, and I’m assuming you are… is the FUN part! This is the part every HGTV watcher dreams of! One day getting the opportunity to make all those intricate design choices yourself! Well, it’s not all I thought it was going to be and that’s where I need your help (yes you dear reader!). My strongest suit is research. I can look at stuff and think about it until the cows come home. Which apparently is never. Growing up near the beach I never understood that phrase… I thought it just meant until you open the drawer to get the can opener, to open the dog food… you dog owners know exactly what I am talking about! Now that I’m in the Midwest with cows in people’s yards… I’m thinking they probably don’t act like large dogs. So I’m not really sure when the cows go home on their own… I guess that’s what a cattle dog is for. Tell the cows it’s time to eat! I digress.

Although, I do love research I need help with the selections. So I’ll post tons of fun stuff and my request is that you, lovely reader, would comment and tell me your thoughts! Subscribe and then do it again next post. 😉







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