Choosing House Exterior Colors


Our build project is flying by… I mean really fast!

We are so excited!

Let’s get right to it. I asked my friends on Instagram what color options they liked best…

Front Elevation Colors Option A

Front Elevation Colors Option A


Front Elevation Colors B

Front Elevation Colors Option B


Almost everyone… okay everyone but me… like option B best! YAY!
I still think A is pretty awesome! I am totally digging those eggshell color shakes… and two tone shakes look really cool on single family homes the PNW. However, we live in the Midwest and this is a duplex not a single family. So we went with B. There is enough visual interest to keep it more unified for the peak shake colors. I am really confident with our choice to go with option B.

Besides… I am totally planning on painting the front doors different colors. My signature color is teal. I’ll bet you can tell from the picture where my intentions are as far as our front door color. If you guessed… aqua, turquoise or teal front door – You would be right! πŸ˜‰

As for the rental side, oh left side you, it’s probably going to be yellow. Our house is a lot of grey and blues. Yellow is going to be nice with that! Plus, yellow doors make me feel happy!

Speaking of doors… they will look like this- cue angelic choirs!

 Feather River Doors Rochester Patina

Feather River Doors Rochester Patina

If you are in the market for a front door, this one is the best price for the style & quality. I would have opted for the traditional craftsman style window but I couldn’t get it with a dentil shelf. So I opted for more light with the half window.

I’ll be totally honest brick is not my favorite look. Having grown up with Earthquakes and in a newer area… I really did not see brick on homes in Orange County. So I was really happy to find the Kasten grey bricks. So pretty! However, Kasten had a kiln go out of commission and they are holding production for the time being… so this brick is rare. Thanks to my wonderful local brick supplier… we were able to find some! YAY! Super huge win! Our brick is a custom blend. Kasten cloud grey plus some whites about 90/10 or so. I’m really excited to see how it’s coming. Apparently, they will be starting to lay the brick in the next week.

Update: Brick and Doors installed

Kastens Concrete Brick Series

Kasten Cloud GreyΒ 

Our Brick Pallet <— Our actual brick waiting to go on the duplex! *I’m so excited*

Our siding is Mastic Ovation Double 5″ in Natural Slate. I’ve seen it on homes in the area and this chip does not do it justice. Just you wait and see. πŸ™‚

Natural Slate Siding

Natural Slate Siding

And as you know from Option B above… our shakes are all one color… drum roll please. Exteria Building Products RoughSawn Cedar Staggered in Seaside Gray. The image below is for color. I really like how it has highs and lows in the weathered effect. Hopefully, it will show through nicely on the house!


Roughsawn Cedar Staggered

All of our windows and trim are going to be white. The roof is a dark charcoal grey. πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for sticking with me! I can’t wait to show you the final finished exterior photos!

In the mean time… it looks like this.

Exterior 020616





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