Floor Plan – Our Home

Things are really coming down to the wire at the duplex project. I am so excited but also nervous because we have to set all the final decisions! *Eeeep!*

The outside is getting the finishing touches. Roof, windows, front doors and brick work is done… now they are putting on the siding. The color looks fantastic so far!

I was going to write a post about our tile and lighting options when I realized… I have yet to show you the inside of our plan. What?! What was I thinking?

Going to remedy that one right now…

Let’s start with the main floor since that’s what you walk into first.


Each side features an open concept floor plan. From the front door, your eye sight goes all the way to the back of the house. I have seen every episode of Fixer Upper and I am just loving those peak through stair rails! I knew they had to happen for us. 😉  The foyer has a coat closet and leads past a bedroom/office, guest bath, stairs and the hall way empties into the great room.

So much of my inspiration comes from the Arts & Crafts movement. I would live in a tiny bungalow! Craftsman homes are so down to earth and perfect for the modern family. If you would like to see inspirational photos check out my craftsman style pinterest board dedicated to these gorgeous homes! But, I personally love looking through old catalogs of mail order homes. My grandparents house on Sycamore Street in Los Angeles was a mail order home. It was so beautiful! Every memory I have there is precious to me.  Long before Harry and I started this project, when we were first considering moving to the Midwest we toured some local homes that were for sale.  But, there was one in particular, when we walked into the living area my heart stopped. I saw the fireplace and knew… it was like my grandparents house! The tile and shape was the EXACT same tile!!! The original owner must have had the same taste as my grandmother. Because as we walked through it and bits and pieces were EXACTLY the same. Only on a smaller scale. I so wanted that house! Just thinking of it now brings tears to my eyes. It wasn’t the right fit for our growing family, otherwise we would have moved there. Harry, however, promised that we could incorporate those same details and styling in our future home.

God has been so good to us! And Harry has followed through with his promise. 🙂  Some of the interior elements this project offers are built ins by the fire place, traditional window moldings, a mudroom, bookcase colonnade leading into the dinning room and craftsman stair railings with box newels.

Here’s a little picture tour…


Right side: Entry, office/bedroom and bathroom



Right side: Dining Room trimmed out with the book case colonnade



Right side: Kitchen view


Right side: Great Room fireplace view

Here is a quick review of the other floors. Both sides have 3 bedrooms on the second level and a loft area. The left side of the duplex is slightly smaller so the laundry there is in the mudroom on the first level. The right side has the laundry on the second floor. Honestly, that was a very hard decision for us to make. Laundry room placement is so important to someone like myself…who has a separate area in her planner just for the list of 8 laundry loads. Yikes!!! I interviewed friends and polled social media… where would you put your laundry room?


Second Floor Plan

Now that you’ve seen the plan, I am guessing you want to know what that square hallway is going to look like? Yeah that makes two of us… here is a sneak peak…


Second floor: Stair railing

Obliviously, it will look differently with the newels. And a fantastic chandelier, of course!

The basement is where I plan to earn most of my “cool mom” cred! I’ve been working on the design of the under stairs playroom for some time. Basically, before any other room in the house…even my own kitchen. I am really excited about how that is turning out! #firehouse



The left side basement is going to be framed but unfinished for now and the right side is finished.

I hope you enjoyed our little plan home tour! I can’t wait to share the finished project with you!